Stump Grinding

What exactly is stump grinding?
It is the process of removing a stump after a tree has been cut down. 

We use a machine called a stump grinder to get out that unsightly stump out of the ground with little effort.

Pipe Unblocking

We can clean gutters as well as unblock your pipes from that leaf litter that has decided to clog them up. Ready for the warmer months, you can be assured your home will be safe!

Tree Lopping

As an experienced arborist, we know the ins and outs of cutting limbs off a tree as well as removing the tree all together. 

We are passionate about getting the job done right. We haul ourselves up the tree using our safety gear and ropes and, ensure that we are always safe when performing this type of work on your property. 

High Pressure Cleaning

Got a driveway that has seen better days? Our state of the art high pressure cleaner will get the job done in no time. Our results speak for themselves.


Nothing says "nice hedge!" like a bit of pruning. We are experienced in getting the cutters out and leaving your hedges and edges tidy. We also clean up after ourselves too!